Maja Zejak

                                                         ~Namaste ~



I honor the place in you where the entire Universe resides. I honor the place in you of Light, Love, Truth, Peace and Wisdom.

Jyotish has become an integral part of my life over the last 15 years or so. I am occupied with the study of Vedic astrology, practice in working with clients as well as spreading the light of this ancient knowledge that originates from the area of India.

My endless gratitude for having the good fortune to learn jyotish directly from the source, in the Sri Achyutananda tradition under the guidance of Guru Pt.Sanjay Rath, I also feel it is my duty to share the inspiration that changed my life. I am inspired by the words of my teacher that ” we do not get this precious knowledge to have it for ourselves, but to put it further in the service of life and evolution of people who feel the call to ask for advice.

Why is jyotish a precious beacon of knowledge or the eyes of the Vedas? When and how it is our living ally on the path?

The key in questioning or sincere curiosity to know ourselves is, where Greek philosophers agreed, a place that has the power to transform us and bring us closer to knowing the truth and authentic purpose of life experiences, and the stars and planets point us to those precious maps.

What exactly is jyotish? How is it different from the classical astrology?

How old is this knowledge and why is it important to learn from tradition? If you are interested a bit more on our Parampara …


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