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Born and first years of growing up lived in a small peaceful town in Slovenia. Later family  moved to Belgrade, Serbia where I am living to the present day. As each life is a unique mixture of dreams, gifts and talents each person caries and learns how to express and experience further, we also receive important influences of people that we meet and our surrounding as well. I really feel deeply grateful for all teachers, friends and inspirations that come along the way and share or add value to life journey.

Mother was librarian so from early age opened for me friendly taste for wider view on new worlds that knowledge and good books treasure for us. Father was Army Colonel, engineer, a bit philosophical, but not always easy to understand kind of character, that early on made me realize how each human life is authentic path and we should value and respect those differences. As I see from distance now, mostly grandparents left a mark on me with their endless love of story telling, songs , weaving and many other arts and crafts which I feel as greatest influence in developing sense for beauty of life and creative approach to finding and expressing it, so along the line I have chosen to study Art University among other options of interest. I fully enjoyed the process , and actively worked in field for some time during and after educational period. It shaped my approach to life in variety of ways 

Satyam Shivam Sundaram

Great ancient guiding line that deeply resonate with my personal aim ~ to search for truth and all auspicious beauty it holds and unfolds, and that  itself nurtures and adds real value to all our experiences  of Life

After studies and working with ceramic, drawing, painting and other mediums, I felt sort of thirst for different learning, as artistic expression didn’t satisfy all parts of my personal nature .

Curiosity for deeper understanding of human being kept me navigate around astrology, as it kept my mind inspired with its unique language of symbols, myths and unique mappings of all different dimensions of human character and its connection with Nature and time factor all at once. So after finished University I stepped more into deeper learning it. Firstly Western Astrology came my way and then when I was just about to marry, move to Greece and continue doing my art on some peaceful island, Life played its way and made my road cross with Vedic  Astrology, and that kind of changed everything. 

That first lecture in jyotish was on Atma Karaka and soul lessons, and toward the end of it I was fully moved within and felt deep calling to learn more in that line. At time not having idea it will so strongly shift and mark my future life in such a way. It gradually opened doors of not just jyotish, but greatly inspiring culture and unique depths of knowledge in many areas that India nurtures, which was already close to me.

 So my life started rotating around traveling to India and studying under Guru guidance . But it was also paralleled with personal spiritual seeking, quest for understanding  soul paths beyond just religion we are born into. Hence learning different practices of bhakti, kriya yoga, meditations, pranayama, and other helping tools  followed in essential way my jyotish studies, and marked my soul with deep love for Mother India and Vedic Culture.

It altogether gradually became a path, as journey of Self discovery, continuous transformations through  learning, as well practically applying knowledge in consulting interaction with people and observing Life itself as one of the greatest teachers. 

During the educational path I was guided to a point where I can offer my advising services as well teaching perspective of jyotish vidya to others. As it many times helped me personally to view, question and better understand purpose and accept quality of time and deeper meaning behind all those waves of ups and downs in process of human evolution. So I also find great inner joy to observe the beauty of process, and being sort of helping hand at times, in lives of others as well. 

We humans, as they say, are story based beings in search for that meaningful thread that connects our experiences through life. And despite having very clearly structured mathematical and astronomical calculations behind, jyotish as eyes of Veda is such vast Ocean of knowledge, but in a way art as well , in how/when to apply what tool to nurture the best of potential in a person’s unique life journey . 

during studies in India ~ Maharishi Jaimini Program


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